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Sportsman's Pride Professional formulas have been used for decades by Professional Sportsmen, dog breeders, and serious active dog owners throughout the country. Each formula is awarded with our Exclusive Omega Pride Skin & Coat System for optimum health and shine.

Limited Ingredient

For canines with food sensitivities, we've developed a Limited Ingredient formula worthy of carrying the Sportsman's name. No Corn, Wheat, or Soy. This food is fit for a Champion who likes to keep things simple. Made in the USA.


The story of every Professional Sportsman begins with a solid and nutrition focused puppy development. Our Sportsman's Pride Premium Puppy Food was specifically formulated to develop the very best from those cute pups.
Scientific research indicates a proper balance of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids is essential for good immune function, increased skin moisture, and an improved hair coat. Our Omega Pride® System, found exclusively in all Sportsman’s Pride pet foods, is specially designed to provide a balanced ratio of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acid levels between 5:1 and 10:1. In addition, we guarantee the minimum levels of both Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids in every bag. Put our Omega Pride® System to the test for 60 days and you will see the difference that a well-balanced, scientific formula can make in your dog!

Truth Be Told

Experience what others have to say about Sportsman's Pride

We attended 4 field trials in Canada.....Within all these trials there were 15 placements total. Out of the 15 placements we are proud to say that our dogs performances powered by SPORTSMAN’S PRIDE brought home 8 of those 15 placements. We are proud to say we feed and promote SPORTSMAN’S PRIDE for all our Champions needs.

We raise, breed and train German Shepherd Dogs. I have 2 that are certified with different type of working and performance titles. We had been looking for a dog food brand that could be geared for each of the different needs we had with our dogs. We decided to try Sportsman’s Pride after a friend had recommended it, and to our delight, there is a recipe that benefit all of them! From old and needing maintenance, to young and energize, to the high metabolism that can’t keep weight on for anything! All of our dogs are the best they have ever been! And the little of pups we recently had was also fed sportsman’s Pride and after our vet checks, we converted our veterinarian to sportsman as well because of how it has been with our dogs! Broncobe’s kennel and SoBeKe’s kennel will both never feed anything else!!

2 years ago my Weimaraner bird dogs were battling dry coats, dead hair that would not fall out, and a lot of waste and food consumption to keep a healthy weight on.  I switched to Sportsman’s Pride Premium Adult and immediately fixed everything.  I was feeding half as much, scooping half as much and both dogs were glossy.  I also noticed a drop in the amount of fleas and ticks I found on them after being in the field. These pictures were about 4 weeks apart. This was around July in IL, so well overdue to shed the winter coat when I switched to Sportsman’s Pride. I love this food and the price.