Fueling Champions for Over 50 Years 


Sportsman’s Pride is Proudly Made in the USA by Family owned and operated, Sunshine Mills. For more than 50 years, Sunshine Mills, Inc. is proud to serve the world’s champions with a whole variety of performance based at better than brand prices. We own and operate multiple plants within the U.S.A. so we control the quality of our products from start to finish. Each plant is certified for food safety to ensure that each and every batch we produce is perfect in every way. 

Sunshine Mills has developed through four generations as a truly American family business. Headquartered in the rural north Alabama town of Red Bay, the company began as a producer of animal feed in 1949 under the direction of Omer Bullen and his son-in-law, Fred Bostick, Jr. The business continued to grow and pet food was added to the production lineup in 1960 in a pelleted form. 

John Bostick joined the team in the early 70’s and helped develop Sunshine’s economy dog foods into more complete lines. Over the next several years the Sunshine brands grew to be leaders in across much of the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. Alan Bostick took over the reins as President and CEO in 1984 and has continued the progress and foresight of his grandfather, father and brother, expanding their product line and geographic reach to eventually include all of the United States and more than 30 countries worldwide.

We are intimately involved in our communities, and have been sponsoring the National Championship for Bird Dogs in Grand Junction, TN for several years. Check out our video to get a feel for the action!

As much as we have grown, we have never lost our focus on family values. Our pets are a part of our family. That’s why we at Sportsman’s Pride do everything in our power to craft carefully designed food to help you maintain your pet’s health, peak their performance, and of course happiness for many years to come.